moments from 2018

This year we’ve traveled up and down the country, from down south in Berkshire, to all the way to Glasgow, so many new places, lots of service stations, and lots of amazing people. We’ve seen so many cool venues: a pub, warehouses, a glue factory, a brewery, farms, old country houses, old churches, a secret garden, a cinema, industrial buildings, and a museum. We’ve seen dogs, cats and chickens at weddings, more of this for next year please? We camped on the beach on the Isle of Mull and got engaged with the sun setting on little blue tent. We adopted 2 more chickens and a cat to add to our growing little farm house.

We want to thank all of our lovely couples who have welcomed us into their lives and laughed with us on their wedding day. We are so excited to see what 2019 will bring.