get to know us

get to know us

(you probs should considering we just might be spending a pretty important day together)

We met 10 years ago on a uni trip to Paris where Meg spent the whole trip stalking Scott and he’s not been able to escape since. Scott’s pick up line was that he had two dogs and Meg’s was that she used to have a pet snail.

We love animals, good coffee (self-confessed coffee snobs), hunting through charity shops - we’re obsessed with finding a good second hand bargain and we’re currently planning our own DIY wedding where the majority of stuff we’ve bought is second hand. Still waiting for our vinted sponsorship.

We probably spend way too much time together but we really are best mates. We’ve shot over 120+ weddings together, raised a pretty amazing (and very wild) little human, alongside a variety of animal children (including Larry the fluffy poodle, Nina the needy cat and six naughty chickens!) You can definitely trust us to work together to make your day go as relaxed as humanly possible while getting all the best photos.

our fave things

our fave things

things you should know about meghan

(as written by scott)

1. she brings home bizarre items from charity shops with the excuse ‘where else would you ever see this?!’

2. she’s very sentimental and I will often find random things she’s kept over the years (including a jar of teeth)

3. she edits all our photos and makes us look good (she pretty much corrects everything I try to edit)

4. she has always taken polaroids and has a draw full with hundreds of them

5. has a list on her phone of old people names which she’s collected over the years to be used for future pet chickens

things you should know about scott

(as written by meghan)

1. he’s the cook of the family (we’d either starve or just be living off beans on toast without him)

2. he can’t be without Larry and would take him everywhere with us if he could. you know when dogs get separation anxiety, well it’s like that but the other way round

3. he loves music and is a really great guitar player (he didn’t pay me to say that)

4. he’s in charge of all things numbers and admin for the business which is amazing because I struggle to count or remember my own pin number

5. when not shooting for work he loves to take film photos. even if he’s got a crazy amount of film that still need developing!

but what about "at your wedding" meghan & scott?

but what about "at your wedding" meghan & scott?

Meg’s the one who will help button you into your dress and put your veil in. She’ll be the one finding a towel to dry your bouquets in the morning and then showing you and the bridesmaids how to hold them and to make you laugh as you walk down the aisle remembering her saying it’s ‘bush not boobs’. She’s the one with the sewing kit ready to fix any dress accidents throughout the day. She’s the loud one who shouts out the groups so we can find Auntie Margret and move onto the next shot. She’s there to help hold your dress. She’ll be making bad jokes or nearly falling over during the couple shoot to make you laugh. She’ll even give you her socks so you can change into trainers for the dancing (yes this happened).

Scott’s there to do all buttonholes when no one else knows how. He’s the clock watcher to make sure you leave on time. He’s there to give the groomsmen a lift to the venue when the taxi doesn’t turn up. He’s the one to keep everyone chilled and calm before the ceremony while googling ‘how to get lipstick out of a white shirt’. He takes all the group photos while Meg’s busy herding the next group. He’s the technical one with all the geeky knowledge so when Meg presses a button that she doesn’t know what it does he’s there to fix it.

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we'll hit it off if...

we'll hit it off if...

You’re looking for a duo who shoot every single wedding together and love every single one

You're planning a personal wedding that’s about you two and not just what you're told a wedding ‘should’ be

You LOVE animals (sometimes more than people). Even better if you’ve got pets that will be involved in your wedding. More dogs at weddings pleaseee

You trust us to take you down a dodgy back alley that smells a bit like wee because we said there’s some cool street art for your couple shoot

You love the outdoors and aren’t afraid to get your dress a bit muddy and follow us into some fields for some fun couple pics of you both. We promise to be on dog poo watch. A bit of mud on your wedding day is fun… poo not so much

You want a relaxed and chilled out day that’s all about having fun with the people you love, not about things being perfect. Connection over perfection every time

but enough from us...

but enough from us...

“meghan and scott were something something amazing I dunno you’ll have something”

sooo... we your jam?

let's do the thing!